Service at Motorcar Studio

We stay busy in the shop with our own Porsche restoration projects, but we also take on service and repair for customer cars on a limited basis by appointment. Our client service work is focused on Early Broncos and other classic 4x4s -- and we also enjoy working on vintage BMW, Porsche and Mercedes, although we are comfortable with most repairs on most classic cars.

We can guarantee you top-quality service and attention to detail... But we cannot guarantee same day (or even same week) turn-around. We are a boutique garage, not a production shop.

A sample of our service offerings:

  • Air conditioning repairs and R134a conversions
  • A/C installation on Early Broncos and other classic cars and trucks
  • Power brake installation on your classic car (we've installed dozens of power brake upgrades on Early Broncos and Ford Mustangs, for example)
  • Suspension -- OE and performance options, including lifts for vintage 4x4s
  • Cooling systems -- water pumps, radiators, expansion tanks, cooling problems
  • Installing roll bars and three-point seat belts on Early Broncos and other classic 4x4s
  • Tune-ups and carburetor rebuilds
  • Bosch MFI diagnosis
  • Electrical repairs and sorting
  • Window regulator and door lock repair
  • Upholstery, door panel and headliner repair
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Track car prep -- seats, harnesses, roll bars, suspension
  • Light restoration including pre-sale preparation and cosmetic freshening